Johnny Tevreden - Double Bass, Bass guitar and Tabla

Johnny Tevreden was born in Suriname, a former Dutch colony. He studied at the Hilversum Conservatory and performed with the Quartet and Big band of Billy Brooks. In 1979 he performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival with 'Boi Akih'.

Besides playing double bass in the 'Armando Cairo Quartet', Johnny is an excellent bass guitar player.

Recently he also started studying Tabla, which developed his bass playing in rhythmic originality. For this quality he received the nickname 'Motherplucker' from Clarence Becton.

As a freelance bass player Johnny accompanied too many artists to mention all, but to name a few: Deborah Carter - Singer, Patric Sedoc - Guitar, Robert Rook - Piano, Charles Green - Trumpet, Michiel Borstlap - Piano, Saskia Laroo - Trumpet, Denise Jannah -Singer, Anton Goudsmit - Guitar, Gijs Hendriks- Reeds, Elisabeth Cutler- Guitar and Nippy Noya- Percussion.