Jeroen de Valk Jazz Nu

Armando Cairo is in his forty's, lives in Amsterdam, paints (very beautifully) and playes the tenor-saxophone.

We'll discuss that last talent here: reason is his first album as band leader. Cairo is no wide-fame musician, but has achieved a lot thanks to a iron determination and clear ideas.

What he wants, immediately becomes clear: play jazz in the style of Sonny Rollins and Dexter Gordon, with a wink to Archie Shepp from the time that Shepp was still Shepp.

Cairo also composes: no dull desk-written numbers, but catchy themes that form a base for the soloists. From the first note of Tale of Woe on, it shows immediately that 'I'm a fool to want you' a Dexter ballad from his Blue Note period was part of his study material.

Cairo has the possession of less technique and swing, but playes with commitment and dedication. The rhythm-section delivers a authentic companion.

On a earlier CD with Cajan Witmer my only critique was that the pianist didn't comb his hair when he was photographed. But that is also solved now.

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