Het Parool

Redheaded Sirens of Armando Cairo shows how far you can get if you donĚt belong to the tenor top-ten of the world, but have an iron will and clear ideas at your disposal.

What Cairo has in mind, becomes clear immediately: play the saxophone with a BIG SOUND, in the trail of Dexter Gordon and Sonny Rollins. ThatĚs what he does: the first note of the ballad 'Tale of woe' immediately shows that Dexter Gordon's 'I'm a fool to want you'
is his study-material.

In the fast parts he works his way through the choruses with a pleasant drive. Moreover he has ensured himself of a series of attractive compositions - his own of his band-members - and a rhythm-section any soloist would envy him: pianist Cajan Witmer, bassist Eric Barkman and on drums Clarence Becton.

By the sound of it, Witmer must have been born with a natural sense of harmony and an authentic jazz-timing.

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